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If you think you have a work by Andy Warhol, or if that work, despite having sufficient evidence to be treated as authentic, is not included in the artist's catalogue raisonné you have come to the right website. We can help you remove all doubts about the work. Warhol Experts will demonstrate, through sound analysis and careful investigation, that you have a work by Warhol.

You have most likely been in contact with auction houses, art galleries, or museums. However, no one has been able to provide this service. Auction specialists are only interested in works that have already been authenticated and have great economic importance. In general, museums do not provide authentication services to the public, and art galleries are not prepared to complete exhaustive authentications.

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Warhol Experts is prepared with a highly-trained professional team.

Warhol Experts possesses the tools needed to investigate and analyze a work, offering a supported authentication or realistic appraisal of works by Warhol. To begin the authentication process, we complete a comparative analysis of your work through a stylistic study called Morellian Analysis, which allows us to locate the presence or absence of the common details found in Warhol's works. These details are often very important in identifying the difference between an original painting and a copy of a piece by Warhol.

When we complete authentications, we consider each case individually, keeping in mind all the known and alleged information about a work, then deciding the appropriate path to follow to complete the best possible analysis. In that way, we verify, determine, and demonstrate that a painting or drawing is really an original Warhol.

Warhol Experts invites you to inquire about our services and begin the authentication process for your Warhol painting.

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