Warhol Appraisal

It is difficult to get a competent appraisal which for paintings means an intelligent appraisal. Most appraisers appraise mechanically as if they were appraising an apartment or a piece of machinery. Appraising art is different because there is this crucial elements called artistic merit. Recognizing artistic merit is not taught in appraisal classes.

When you consider two paintings of about the same size by the same artist and one sold for $500,000 and the other for 5 million, the difference is in the artistic merit.


Which one was the “better” painting and how much better?

Appraising the value of the artistic merit, this imponderable which makes a painting so superior to another, is what we bring to you. It is what you get when you engage us to appraise the value of your Warhol. Of course, we know all the mechanics of appraising inside out but what we bring you additionally is artistic flair. We correctly value the artistic quality of your Warhol painting.