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  • Andy Warhola is born on August 6, 1928 to Ondrej and Julia Warhola. His parents were Mikovian immigrants. Andy grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

  • Andy Warhol is diagnosed with a rare disease. Warhol was diagnosed with Sydenham's chorea, which caused young Andy to develop an overwhelming fear of doctors and hospitals. Since he was often bedridden, he would spend his time collecting pictures of movie stars and putting them on the walls surrounding his bed. He also developed a very close relationship with his mother during this time. Warhol’s father died in a mining accident.

  • Warhol Graduates from Schenley High School Warhol graduates from Schenley High School and enrolls in the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, where he studies painting and design. During the summers he works as a window dresser for a local department store. Warhol graduates college from Cargegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

  • Warhol Moves to New York Meets Tina Fredericks, art editor of Glamour and earns his first commission drawing shoes for Glamour magazine. Does advertisements for magazines, department stores, record companies, including Tiber Press, Columbia Records, Vogue, Seventeen, Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, and I. Miller. Also designs window displays, book jackets, cards, and stationary.

  • 1950's Warhol Began Exhibiting His Artwork Warhol has his first exhibition at New York's Hugo Gallery, fifteen drawings based on the writings of Truman Capote; and another at the Bodley Gallery in New York . Works as a designer for shoe manufacturer Israel Miller. RCA Records hires Warhol to design album cover. elf-published books such as 25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy.

  • Warhol Exhibits His Pop Art Warhol has his first debut of pop art on the West Coast at the Ferus Gallery of Los Angeles, California. It features his series of 32 different canvases of Campbell's soup cans. Five of the canvases sell for $100 each. He began painting American objects such as Coca-Cola Bottles and Campbell Soup Cans. His first Solo pop art exhibition is held at Elanor Ward's Stable Gallery. He began painting celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando.

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  • Warhol Quits Painting to Pursue Filming Warhol founded "The Factory" in his art studio and mingled with writers, musicians, artists and underground celebrities. Warhol adopted the band the Velvet Underground and produced their first album. He also founded the Exploding Plastic Inevitable multimedia performance art show, making films with Factory visitors. Warhol produced and directed Batman Dracula, without the permission of DC Comics. Began documenting the gay underground and camp culture with.

  • Warhol is Critically Shot on June 3, 1968
    Valerie Solanas, a radical feminist and the founder of Society for Cutting Up Men (SCUM) shoots Warhol in his studio, the Factory. He is pronounced clinically dead, but survives, and leaves hospital eight weeks later. Solanas is declared incompetent to stand trial, later pleads guilty to first degree assault and is sentenced to three years.

  • 1970's Warhol's Life Settle's Down Warhol began painting portraits for rich patrons such as Elizabeth Taylor, Mick Jagger, Liza Minnelli, John Lennon, and Diana Ross. He and Gerard Malanga founded Interview Magazine. Warhol wrote and published The Philosophy of Andy Warhol. Designed the cover art for The Rolling Stones' albusms Sticky Fingers and Love You Live. Was contracted by BMW to paint a Group-4 race version. Warhol d Stuart Pivar founded the New York Academy of Art.

  • 1980's Andy Warhol Honored Warhol teamed up with 15 other artists and contributed a Speed Skater print that was used for the official Sarajevo Winter Olympics poster. Became friends with young prolific Neo-Expressionist artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, David Salle, Julian Schnabel . Fab Five Freddy painted an entire train with Campbell soup cans in honor of Warhol. Painted a portrait of Aretha Franklin for the cover of her 1986 gold album Aretha. Created a “piss painting” of Basquiat using black.

  • February 22, 1987 Andy Warhol Dies
    Andy Warhol died after suffering post-operative heart failure after gallbladder surgery He was buried next to his parents, near his hometown of Pittsburgh at St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Cemetery in Bethel Park.